Easy 500 miles

Today was an easy day in the life of this truck driver. I wasn’t in a big hurry, I knew my load was already waiting for me on another trailer — all I had to do was show up and swap then head off. Which is exactly what I did when I arrived in Ottawa, Illinois this morning.

For some reason, it being spring I suppose, I have hit an extraordinary number of birds the past few weeks. I’m talking ten or twelve that have managed to glide into the path of my truck as I head on down the road and I see them splat up against the windshield or air deflectors of my tractor. Today I didn’t hit any, though there were some close calls.

Anyway, I arrived mid-afternoon at our HQ in Omaha, Nebraska and dropped the trailer full of PetSmart goodies for someone else to take out to Colorado. I spoke briefly with one of our weekend dispatchers who said I was lined up for a load back to (my favorite) Carthage, Missouri and how I might be able to drop off the trailer there when I go home, then come back a couple days later and pick up a full trailer and thus avoid all the delays with loading and unloading. We shall see.