Foiled yet again

Or, so close, so far.

It turns out the only load getting me near home has a second, unwanted pickup heading to Illinois. So basically I get to wave as I go by and maybe later find my way home.

The load towards home took me back to the usual stop at Americold in Carthage, Missouri to drop off a load of frozen food for ConAgra from Council Bluffs, Iowa. After the five hours or so waiting for that to happen I headed a few hundred yards away to a different warehouse / cave complex to get loaded for a run to the Wal-mart facility in Sterling, Illinois. That only took another eight hours or so, for a grand total of some 13 hours to get unloaded and loaded.

Today I ran the load to its destination without incident and now I’m pre-planned yet again with a PetSmart load I pick up in Ottawa, Illinois and drop off in Omaha. Perhaps I will get home this time.