Some of you have noticed that blog posts, uh, slowed down quite a bit of late. I got a few days behind, then a week went by, then a month… it isn’t easy fighting inertia sometimes.

On the other hand, I have kept the financial information up to date each week so if you are here with an interest on how many miles I run and such forth then your happiness should remain unabated. I’ve made a few small improvements to the spreadsheet, most notably a section on the first page that estimates what this year’s haul will be.

Will I continue blogging regularly? I don’t know honestly. It consumes a lot of time (more than it may appear to if you haven’t tried it before yourself) and for a while now it has felt like a struggle to relate the difference between this trip from Omaha to Phoenix in a way different than the last twenty identical trips.

If you get your OTRjournal fix via news reader there is no reason to change. If and when a new post is made you’ll get it. If you check in occasionally via a bookmark in your browser, that works too.