July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

From Russellville, Arkansas I took a load north to our drop yard in Kansas City, Missouri and t-called it there for some other lucky driver, then was sent home bobtail. This is unusual since it means the planners need to do some extra thinking to get me out of the house to first get a trailer somewhere, but I didn’t mind the extra fuel economy.

The flu bug, or whatever it is, has gradually weakened to the point where I have a cough and a stuffy nose part of the day. A few more days should mean a full recovery and I’m back on the road this morning.

My new QualComm unit is having fits and tells me that there is a sensor problem. This means I may need to go to paper logs temporarily until they can get me through Omaha which would kind of suck since I haven’t done a log by hand in more than three years and I didn’t feel like adding another laptop and laser printer to my truck just to run the Driver’s Daily Log software.

The joys of trucking.


One flu under the cookoo’s nest

I was told on the way to Plano, Illinois that I could drop my trailer and take an empty over to Rochelle, Illinois for my reload. This was news to the consignee who was adamant we had no empty trailers there, we weren’t permitted to do drop-and-hooks and oh, by the way, dock 18 needs you backed into it soon.

Our HQ was convinced they were right, even giving me the number of a trailer that had been left there. I looked after I was unloaded just for giggles and no trailer. On the plus side, they let you park overnight there so I took care of my snooze break.

The Rochelle part was unusual as we bring in many loads to that plant but I’ve never taken a single one out of there. My trailer was one of three HB units on the ready line set to go and despite a balky slide I managed to get it out and scaled then heading south without too much trouble.

That night I stopped just inside the Missouri border in Charleston at a Pilot I hadn’t been to before. One of the older, more run down stops that I’ve seen so I won’t be back soon.

I woke with a stuffy nose, sore throat, fever and headache so some bug bit me a few days previous. Driving isn’t that much of an issue with the flu so long as you’re not swapping trailers or the like.

Arrived in Russellville, Arkansas around 1300 and by 1330 the trailer was in a door and I was off to the nearby Pilot (nicer one) for some rest. My logbook is pretty much shot, having spent the last three days using what I got back at midnight to take care of business.