Leaving the house… I think

I was able to attend the Friday safety meeting so I’m qualified for my safety bonus for yet another quarter. This comes out to two cents per mile run in the previous quarter, so it is a decent chunk of change.

The surly gate guard at the large food conglomerate across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa didn’t dampen my spirits as I was headed home for the weekend. He has a definite case of Small Penis Syndrome coupled with a fake badge and a nasty mouth. I just walked by him as he was bitching at me in the parking lot. The load was heavy (43,500 pounds) but even with the reefer I scaled out at 75,500. Quarter tank of fuel and half a tank in the reefer helped there.

The Friday KC traffic was beastly along the southern edge of the city. I usually take I-435 around the east side instead of I-29 through downtown because I don’t like the traffic lights you have to suffer through on highway 71 on the south side. Alas, they are adding more lanes on I-435 at the I-70 interchange and it is a zoo now so I went around on the west side, which was fine until I passed I-70.

About ten miles south of KC the traffic was moving smoothly and the last two hours to Carthage were cake. The security guard there had the glint of $100 penalty in his eye as the load originally had a 1700 drop, but our crack CSR team had it pushed back to 2000 and I was there by 1945. Dropped the full one in a door, grabbed an empty and went home.

This morning I’m back in the truck. I phoned in to see if there was a preplan and was told the system didn’t have me coming back out until tomorrow. I reviewed my macro log and determined that I had indeed put down this morning as my return to service. They are working on it now.