Need to rework that

After the tire change I headed north about 40 miles to Dekalb, Illinois for a load heading to Omaha.

The plant in question was backed up so bad there were trucks lined up out of the parking lot and on to the street. By the time I made it up to the guard shack to check in there weren’t any doors available and I was sent off to a parking spot to hang tight for a while. After about 30 minutes a door opened up and I was sent back.

I was hoping to make it at least as far as Walcott, Iowa for the night but my 14-hour clock was down to less than an hour by the time they were done. Worse, the scale they had wasn’t working so I had to take a guess on the tandems and roll west to Rochelle to make sure I was legal.

Alas, I wasn’t legal. Almost 35,000 on the drives with the tandems all the way forward and by then my hours were close enough I couldn’t chance getting stuck at the plant and ordered to leave. I called it a night then turned around first thing in the morning to get the load reworked.

Four hours later everything was in place and my reweigh showed legal weights so I blew out of town.

The load wasn’t due in Omaha until Thursday, anyway, so I dropped it off around 1500 and puttered back to our yard for the night.

Today I got all four tires changed (my three old original Michelins removed and the Bridgestone super single sold to Hill Bros) and four new Michelin super singles installed. The bill will show up in a few weeks.

There is a safety meeting I need to attend tomorrow so unless an emergency crops up where operations needs someone to cover a short load I’ll be off until tomorrow when I take a load home for the weekend.