Running, running, RUNNING!

I’ve been meaning to update the site, I really have. Its just that I’ve been running my socks off the past few days and I will be running my socks off tomorrow as well before I run completely out of hours and take a day off (I think).

After I finished my two pet store drops in Denver I was sent to nearby Aurora, Colorado to pick up a load of mail heading to Des Moines, Iowa. It had plenty of time built into the load but I still got as far as I could manage Friday night (Grand Island, Nebraska) and delivered before noon on Saturday. The good folks at HQ had already sent me a preplan picking up in Crete, Nebraska and heading down to Phoenix, Arizona.

I thought I was getting back more hours than it turns out I am so what would have been a lovely little holiday run forced me to finish out yesterday with a full eleven hours behind the wheel and forces me to run today and tomorrow at 65 MPH instead of my usual 60 MPH so I don’t run out of hours before I drop my trailer tomorrow night in Phoenix.

At least the wind has been cooperating: today it has been mostly out of the north instead of in my face so the MPG hasn’t been dreadful.