Delays, headaches

The planners gave me a preplan on Saturday that I couldn’t run according to the hours of service. Basically, it had me dropping off in the morning on Monday then loading around 1330 that afternoon, then delivering in Casa Grande, Arizona 0515 the following morning. Even using the split sleeper provision in the HoS rules I wouldn’t be able to move after shutting down in Casa Grande because I would still be on break.

I went over this Monday morning with my dispatcher and he worked to get the unload time moved back. Then, as I was pulling away from the dock on my unload the trailer developed an air leak when the PSI check valve for the trailer tire automatic inflation system decided it has had enough and ripped right off of the frame.

My truck compressor was able to keep up with the leak enough for me to get it to a nearby repair shop in Whittier, California. Some hours later it was replaced and the paperwork signed off on and I finally headed off for the reload out to Arizona.

The load of chicken I had dropped off in the morning left some unpleasantness in the trailer and I had to do my best to clean the trailer before getting loaded (got rejected the first time I approached the gate). More huff and puff later, it was acceptable and more hours went by as I got loaded in Ontario, California.

Finally, just after 1700 the load was ready and I headed out to join the exodus of traffic from the Los Angeles basin to the east along I-10. I drove nearly as far as I had hours for, parking last night just inside the Arizona state line.