You’re going to: Springfield, Springfield, Omaha…

My orders this morning were to pick up a trailer from the Tyson plant I delivered at last night then head east 30 miles or so to Minooka, Illinois for a Kelloggs load heading to Springfield, Missouri. Only, the load picked up yesterday and didn’t deliver until Friday morning at 0400, quite a waste for less than 500 miles.

Along the way the satellite unit went off and I was switched to a load that was done the previous night and delivered the following morning; much better.

Alas, the Kelloggs folks were having none of it. When I gave the pickup number to the lady at the guard shack the computer spit back that it would have to be rescheduled since I wasn’t here to accept the load last night. This came as news to me (no one told me to be anywhere in particular last night, though I did have the hours) and the staff at HQ (since we keep empty trailers spotted there for the Kelloggs folks to use whenever they feel like it).

After some back-and-forth I was given a new assignment: head another 50 miles east just inside Indiana and pick up a load of GE appliances going to Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha. Just 17,000 pounds vs 30-35,000 pounds for either of the other loads. Sweet.

The south side of Chicagoland on the I-80 was congested and had some construction but I made good time, though the three miles of side streets I had to take to the DC were much slower. The loaded trailer was thoughtfully left with no more than six inches of clearance on either side from the trailers that flanked it so I got to play underneath the neighboring trailer for a while to ratchet the gear up. All in a day’s work.

The trip back west to Omaha was boring but profitable. My steady 60 MPH pace yielded 8.9 MPG on the dash display and I was able to drop the trailer as soon as I arrived just after 2000 then motor over to the company yard.