A day off, then a long day

With all the driving out to Phoenix then up to Colorado Springs, my log book was pretty shot. I only had about 4.5 hours that came back to me Monday morning so dispatch told me to head up to Denver to get fuel then hang on.

The Denver Pilot was a complete cluster, with dozens of trucks trying to turn in and long lines for the pumps. The first time I went by I headed up the road a couple miles to a nearby Walmart to get stocked up, then came back after an hour to get fuel. Still jacked up.

After a good fifteen minutes out on the street I finally made it into the parking lot and another twenty minutes or so got me to the pump. Ten minutes later I was full of fuel and parked nearby at one of our drop lots.

Late in the afternoon dispatch gave me an early morning load from nearby Henderson, Colorado to Des Moines, Iowa. That is about 660ish miles, from one Conway terminal to another. The load had to pick up by 0400 and deliver by 1800 on Tuesday, and that is what I did. Only a couple stops for restrooms and one short nap and I spent the night at the Des Moines Conway terminal.