New Mexico to Phoenix to New Mexico

It is a long day’s drive to go from exit 39 on I-40 in New Mexico to exit 3 on I-40 in New Mexico… if you head over to Phoenix first of course.

It took almost six hours to get to PetSmart then fifteen minutes or so to swap trailers and get scaled out. The original estimate of 42,000 pounds was heavy: the trailer only had about 38,000. With my engine I’ll take all the lower weight loads I can get.

Trudging back up I-17 was slow but uneventful and I ran and ran as far as I could with the hours I had, ending just inside the New Mexico border at the inbound rest area for the night.

Today I ran the remaining 510 miles to Colorado Springs, Colorado and parked at the dock of the only PetSmart store in town that I haven’t delivered at before. The last stop on this load is across town at the same store I adopted Snowie from, so I know she’s just all kinds of thrilled.