It turns out I didn’t get that shower or get to Wal Mart before I left Mt Vernon.

I woke up just before 0900 which was the time I planned on leaving. That would put me in St Louis around 1000 and Kansas City around 1400, with a short break to fuel in between. Thus, I would miss the morning rush in the former and the afternoon rush in the latter.

Yes, I could have taken a shower and rushed through Wal Mart in perhaps an hour but I thought it more important to get rolling and make my self-imposed deadlines. What Snowie thought of me not showering is not known.

Everything went the way I planned and I fueled in Higginsville, Missouri at about 1330. Traffic in KC was child’s play at 1400 and by 1430 I was turned north along I-29 for the last three hours up to Omaha.

I have an iPhone and one of the apps I use has all the movie information, showtimes and such for most theaters. When I went to see Avatar on the IMAX screen in Council Bluffs, Iowa a few months ago I realized that the theater was just a few blocks down the street from the Horseshoe casino, which has truck and RV parking. Further, I realized I would be there around 1800 which would give me enough time to grab a shower before heading over and that was the plan.

The movie I went to see is called Kick-Ass and it was a fun (though very R-rated) superhero action/comedy movie.

Back in the truck by 2200 and snoozing, in preparation for my 0600 delivery tomorrow morning in Omaha.