Now THAT is what I call efficient!

Saturday morning I woke up late and was given a series of instructions. Pick up a trailer that was being unloaded at one consignee. Take it over to another place, drop it and pick up and sign for a load, then park that trailer out on the street and go back into the same shipper and sign for another trailer and load that I would be taking. Very confusing.

Fortunately, the issues resolved themselves and I grabbed a preloaded trailer with 35,000 pounds of pet chow heading to Ottawa, Illinois. The load didn’t deliver for another week so HQ told me to t-call it in Omaha.

The route out to Nebraska from Utah along I-80 has a lot of hills, and some rather steep and long grades up out of the Salt Lake City area. Before I left I weighed my truck:

73,240 pounds total weight

MPG in Omaha, 920 miles later:

That is no lie, after almost 1,000 miles I had 9.3 MPG off of my trip computer!

Something you don’t see very often:

How would you like a 3,500 mile range in your truck?

Now it is true that I had a nice 10-30 MPH wind behind me most of the way but other than that, just clean living as I puttered down the road.

I arrived in Omaha Sunday evening and was nice enough to hold on to the trailer until the shop opened Monday morning so they could fix a broken spring hanger that I had to zip tie out on the road.