Hazmat to Henderson

After dropping my load off in Omaha I had to wait around until early afternoon for a truck with an inbound load to make it to town. It is FedEx heading to Henderson, Colorado, coming from the Chicago area.

The load includes some Hazmat but not enough to trigger placards, so after another hour of trailer air line repairs I hook up and head out. I had plenty of cushion if I had left on time and even with the repairs I had enough time to stop in and have a steak at the Sam Bass Saloon in Big Springs, Nebraska along the way.

This morning comes a preplan to take a load of spuds from southern Colorado back to the Walmart DC in New Caney, Texas I was at last week. The miles are good (1,221 from where I’m at) but it has an 0345 appointment on Sunday morning which would require me to run 250ish miles to get loaded, then another 350 or so, shut down, run all day tomorrow and finish at New Caney, then be up at 0345 for the unload. I politely declined.

New plan comes in and it is another Fedex load, this time going from Chicago to Salt Lake City. The other driver will have it in Cheyenne, Wyoming at 1800 hours and I would need to take it to SLC by 0200 tomorrow morning. The dispatcher indicated that was the best of what remained in the area and we were short trucks, so I volunteered to sit until tomorrow unless he was on crack and they actually have more loads than trucks. Check back tomorrow to find out the results of his drug test.

The latest settlement came in and I’m $2,205.96 ahead of the game for now. I rarely run at the end of my log book but I covered 3,800 miles last week and hours have been a bit thin of late.