Can you help with this, can you help with that

The trip out to Kentucky was ordinary, though the triple homicide just before I arrived did make me wonder what kind of hell hole I was heading towards.

The Save A Lot warehouse people have their own way of doing things, like many other outfits. It would be great if someone could come along and organize all of these shippers and consignees to do things similarly; would save truck drivers a lot of time. On the plus side, there was adequate parking alongside the roads in the industrial park in which they were located which served as my overnight spot.

Yesterday my dispatcher sends me a load heading back to Kansas City, Kansas from Louisville, Kentucky. I have to wait at the GE shipping location for a long time before I can leave with the goods. It seems they needed to get a few last microwaves onboard for the Nebraska Furniture Mart folks.

An hour or so down the road and I get a cryptic message: “Do not pass the junction of I-57 and I-64.” Eventually a phone call follows and my dispatcher tries to see if I can relay a PetSmart load that a driver is bringing down from Ottawa, Illinois. After some calming talk and chamomile tea he sees it my way and I take a pass.

My energy petered out around Warrenton, Missouri last night so I grabbed a spot at the rest area. On the way in to KC to finish this load I’m preplanned on a load from Independence, Missouri to Russellville, Arkansas which gets switched over to a “Please help us by getting this load then t-calling it for a driver that needs to get home.” This is annoying for several reasons, including the difficulty of reaching this particular underground facility and the fact the run would have been a good use of my remaining hours. Not to be.

I do as instructed and after I’m given a trip from our yard in KC up to Omaha for delivery tomorrow morning. Not as nice as the Arkansas load but it is what it is.