I don’t have $3,000+ weeks very often so it was nice to see that my yearly longevity bonus show up when I opened my settlement email yesterday. Hill Bros pays each driver one cent for each dispatched mile you rack up in the previous year, and an extra half cent each following year. Last year was my second year at the company so I made 1.5 cents per mile in longevity bonus money, or $1,928.43. Coupled with the 3,200ish miles I drove, the net was $3,517.88. Yay team.

The preplan out to Frontenac, Kansas originated at the dreaded Central Beverage Distribution plant in Aurora, Colorado. It always seems to take them five or six hours to get a truck loaded there, and this time was no exception. I napped some, played computer games, watched some Hulu and basically vegetated.

By the time they had their act in gear I could only make it to Oakley, Kansas for the night and set my alarm for 0330 again.

The rest of the drive was easy and boring, and the guys at Eagle Distributing in Frontenac had me unloaded at a pretty good clip. From there I sped away south to Joplin, Missouri for fuel then east on I-44 to Springfield, Missouri for some home time.