Kansas State Police gone wild

Dispatch gave me a load picking up in St Joseph, Missouri heading to Denver, Colorado with two days on it, on account of my thin log book. Being a devotee of laziness, I stopped for the night in Junction City, Kansas instead of pressing on. I did enjoy a light dinner at an A&W restaurant — I haven’t been there since I was a kid.

This morning I headed down the road only to dodge one Kansas State Trooper after another with cars and trucks pulled over. There must have been six in less than 100 miles, which is a bit extreme in my book. Since municipalities and states only make money with one kind of revenue enhancement law enforcement, perhaps that explains it. No one gave my lumbering 60-mph truck a second look.

I finished the day at the Denver Pilot, against my better judgment. There was no place to park at the consignee and the Pilot was only a few miles away.