The candy man can

I loaded yesterday morning in the greater Dallas area then headed east, ending up in Jackson, Mississippi for the night. Both Pilot’s in town were overflowing but the nearby Flying J had dozens of empty parking spots. I, of course, had a guy with Opti-Idle (aka keep your neighbors up all night idle) roll up next to me after I had gone to bed and the lot filled. Thanks a pantload, dude.

I’ve actually needed to use my AC for something other than defrosting now two days in a row. The weather has been cloudy but no rain, snow or ice is to be found.

The remaining 380 miles went by quickly this morning and by early afternoon I was at the consignee in Chattanooga with 33,393 pounds of bubble gum and other candies. I was planning on stopping short at the rest area just inside the Tennessee state line but it has been closed and the concrete ripped out.