Ottawa to Odessa

The trip from Ottawa, Illinois to Odessa, Texas was blessedly free of snow and ice. For the first time in months, I was able to leave my APU’s heat off for the night.

The PetSmart store I delivered to is a new one that opens March 1 and my load was one of many being brought in to establish the initial inventory. The parking lot was kind of a doozy but it did include a mexican fast food joint, a Starbucks and a McAllister’s Deli store.

Now, I’ve heard of McAllister’s before and the people I’ve talked to recommended it highly. I got half of a sandwich and an ultimate spud and, frankly, wasn’t impressed. Seems too much like a bad ripoff of Panera. I will say this, though: the place was packed with people.

The same could be said about the Starbucks. With as many people were lined up to pay $4 for a cuppa I have to think this whole recession thing might be easing up a bit.