Farmer’s Co-op

I was beeped this morning to head up to Lubbock, Texas to Farmer’s Co-op #3 to pick up a 45,000 load of something that I would drop off at our yard in Garland, Texas. Turns out, that something were bales of cotton bound for the textile mills of China, to be turned into socks, shirts and the like. Amazing how chinese slave labor globalization makes it cheap enough to ship raw materials across the globe for processing, then back to be sold.

Loading took forever, heck even finding the right warehouse took a long time. The docks were outside and difficult to get lined up on, but eventually it was sorted out and the trailer loaded.

The drive to Garland was over hundreds of miles of mostly narrow state highways, which actually aren’t that bad in Texas. I’m holed up at our yard with a preplan for tomorrow heading from nearby Grand Prairie, Texas to Chattanooga, Tennessee.