Calendar year 2009 Financial Results

2009 was the first full calendar year I finished as a lease-purchase operator. I began my lease June 6, 2008 and track my fiscal results from the first week of June each year to the first week of June the next, but I thought it might be of interest to show some of the numbers just for the year 2009.

Note that these numbers don’t exactly align with the calendar because the start of 2009 didn’t align exactly with the payroll cutoff day each week, but it does represent the 52 week period as closely as possible.

I drove 126,330 paid miles during ’09. I didn’t note my starting and ending actual truck miles during that time period, so I don’t know how many more miles I drove Out-of-Route.

My truck grossed 147,016 and my net, after all truck expenses but before taxes, health care or other personal expenses, was 62,121. Dividing my paid miles by my net pay shows a CPM of 49.17, just shy of my 50 CPM target. I also saved an extra 5,000 in an escrow account during this period, so the actual net would be 67,121 and CPM of 53.13.

These numbers are close to the numbers I posted for my first full fiscal year: 67,121 calendar vs 67,739 fiscal.