A bad parking decision

That was my little mistake. The Sapp Bros truck stop was packed to the gills when I arrived but there was one spot left in the parking area just west of the pumps. It had a bit of grade to it but I didn’t feel it would be a problem departing in the morning so I took the spot and went in for a shower and such.

The following morning I was ordered west to Cargill in Schuyler, Nebraska for a load of meat heading first to Phoenix, Arizona then Los Angeles, California. Ordinarily, a long run out to the left coast is a blessing but the state highway I needed to take to Schuyler then the ones I needed to take south were closed the day before due to snow and would be challenging to navigate.

Before I got to that I had to move my truck and that is where I discovered I was stuck, yet again. I tried a variety of things but eventually concluded I needed a tow of roughly 20 feet to get me off of the sheet of ice the snow on top had obscured when I was parking and in a couple hours that was taken care of.

Then it was off to our yard to get an empty reefer and some fuel. The HB yard in Omaha is a bit basic and during the wintertime heavy snowfall makes it quite a challenge to get around in. For instance, this is what our pump looked like:

This was actually the better part of the yard, as far as snow piles go.

Anyway, fueled up and headed out to the snowy and icy highways. Ninety minutes later I was in Schuyler trading trailers and preparing to head south along a series of state highways from Nebraska to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico before joining up with I-40 westbound.