The day after Christmas

The rest area parking lot added more snow as I spent the night snoozing so leaving the following morning was a bit challenging. After some quality time spent bulldozing through a few smallish snow drifts I was free, free at last, and navigating northward on I-29.

Of course, the electronic signs I passed telling me that I-29 was closed northbound at mile marker 84 in Missouri didn’t raise my spirits. I sent in a brief message to our HQ folks to see if anyone knew what that was back and got back a message telling me they don’t do highway updates. This is clearly untrue, as I show below.

(It turns out the Interstate was open by the time I arrived)

About three hours later I arrived in Omaha and made my way to the western edge of town, noting numerous electronic billboards telling me that I-80 westbound was closed from the west side of Omaha past Lincoln. One of the last open exits was the one that I needed so I carefully made my way on to side streets towards the Omaha Steak warehouse I’ve delivered to before.

Snow was piled up quite high at this point, some drifts actually blocking my view (10+ feet tall). Narrow two lane roads became wide one lane roads with the encroaching snow. Vehicles coming from opposite directions had to find places for one to edge over a few feet and let the other one by.

The Omaha Steaks parking lot was a big mess and I had to wait about 30 minutes before I was even at the dock area. The Hill Bros driver in front of me was told to drop his trailer in the lot opposite the docks so I did the same. Hell no I was not going to volunteer to unload those stupid containers. Ten minutes later, having secured the signature of the dock manager on the bills, I was a free man once more. Minus a trailer, though.

HQ dinged me around this time and ordered me west about 60 miles to Schuyler, Nebraska. I responded that the roads to the west were closed, and they responded that they would be opened later in the afternoon. AHA, I snorted: they DO issue highway updates when it suits them! Hoisted on their own petard!

I very carefully bobtailed to the nearby Sapp Bros truck stop for a long overdue shower. This is where I made my own little mistake, but I only realized it the next morning.