Saving the star pitcher for the important game

I didn’t understand why dispatch would leave me hanging the way they did until I thought about it longer.

See, after I picked up the Sara Lee load heading to Clarksville, Arkansas, I got beeped with a preplan to take a load from Russellville, Arkansas to Atlanta, Georgia. One small detail jumped out at me, however: the load wouldn’t be ready to go until early Monday morning and I would have this other load delivered in Clarksville Saturday afternoon.

What gives?

It took me a while but then I think I got it. Its like a star baseball manager saving his key closer for just the right moment to get his team out of a jam and keep them in the running to win the championship. That extra day of down time wasn’t REALLY down time, per se, as much as it was a carefully crafted and thoughtfully executed pause in my schedule to put me on critical high-priority freight that absolutely, positively had to be delivered on time.

An argument could be made that the 20 tons of frozen dinners just happened to be the only crappy load left from the planners over the weekend. Go figure.