What foods cook at 125 degrees?

I don’t know… I do know that truckers cook in a parking lot that is 125 degrees, like the one I am at tonight in tiny Anna, Texas.

I delivered my load of Fruit Loops in the morning in Garland and the consignee made me take an empty van trailer in exchange. My next load was on the other side of Dallas in Grand Prairie, so I made the 25-mile trip with the new trailer. Only to find out that the next load requires a reefer and our reefers are back at our yard in (you guessed it) Garland. Fifty miles of out-of-route for that little boo boo.

Most warehouse folks I’ve run across are easy enough to get along with, if only in that “I’ve got a crappy job but it isn’t as bad as being on the road” kind of way. Today’s loader was an angry little turd that has erectile dysfunction problems, I’m guessing. He wasn’t happy to see me, my truck or the load he was forced to move into the trailer. Tough noogies.

He was also slow and between that and my gallivanting earlier it had me leaving Grand Prairie right at 1600. Not the greatest time to be in the DFW metroplex in a big rig. I took a chance and braved the traffic, managing to evade most of the traffic jams on my way out of town.