Manic Monday

The loading at Buske actually went a bit faster this time: just four hours from start to finish. Since I didn’t bother showing up until about noon this wasn’t a hugely bad thing.

Better yet, they only put 18 pallets on weighing 34,000 pounds! Not the lightest I’ve pulled but about five tons less than the other loads I’ve pulled from there.

The trip up to Omaha was uneventful and I dropped off the trailer this morning. It did take a half hour to find someone to sign off on the bills.

Then the wait for my next load began. I got the pet some supplies at PetSmart, filled up the truck with human supplies at Wal-Mart then cleaned up at a local truck stop. Finally I got the word to head over to the yard and grab a trailer filled with Fruit Loops from Kelloggs to run down to Dallas tomorrow morning.

It is a nice one-day run, right at 660 miles but leaving so late causes me and my metabolism problems. I had to stop several times to take power naps then I stopped for the night in Oklahoma.