Home Time

I delivered the load of candy to the Menards distribution center in Shelby, Iowa on Friday morning then was directed to my usual go-home load from ConAgra in Council Bluffs to Carthage, Missouri. Unfortunately, the load didn’t pick up until about 1600 so by the time I got down to Missouri, dropped off the trailer, searched around for 30 minutes for an empty then went home it was very late and I slept in the truck.

The dreaded Buske load from Springfield to Omaha is on me again. Next time off I am going to get home a day early and come back on a Sunday just to see if I can avoid it.

My right front turn signal on the truck is working intermittently. I’ve already changed the light twice in the past year so I’m thinking it is more of a wiring problem. Something for the shop folks to look at next time I have the chance.