… and ugly weekend loads (see title of last post)

It took a while this morning but eventually the weekend crew gave me what looked like a fine run: a 450ish mile deadhead (!) from Denver to Seward, Nebraska to pick up a load of auto parts heading to Kansas City. It wasn’t scheduled to deliver until Monday at 1300, but the proper pronouncements were made about t-calling at our KC yard and I was contemplating running the entire 670 miles today if everything worked out right.

It didn’t.

This is a brokered load so I had to call them and get the load number and other details. As part of that I gave them my name, truck number and cell phone number then went about my business, driving the long deadhead to the shipper.

An hour or so later, the bad news: the shipper shuts down at 1400 on Saturdays and I can’t get there until about 1800. Neither can the other three or four Hill Bros trucks also coming from Denver to pick up these loads. On the plus side, someone promised to be at the shipper on Sunday at 1500 to load trucks so we can still deliver on time Monday.

Of course, this means that I will have spent all of Saturday and Sunday running 670 miles; not a good showing.