(Short) Mission Accomplished

I took my ten after getting loaded in Hutchinson, Kansas then drove north to Lincoln, Nebraska for the first drop. What should have been an easy trip turned out to be difficult when the road towards my destination was closed to trucks. This meant heading a dozen miles around to the northeast side of Lincoln then south ten miles on a feeder road then a few other detours to finally make it back to where I was supposed to be.

The Lowes staff took care of the unloading at a respectable pace and I drove northeast to Omaha for the final drop.

Now, the address I got over the satellite sent me to a large bakery building with absolutely jacked-up docks — so bad you had to use a narrow 2-lane street up front to back into the parking lot then back about 200 feet to the docks. Just as I was maneuvering to make this happen a rather portly baker fellow ran out with the paperwork and told me they needed this salt at their other warehouse, about a half mile away. By this point my rig was jackknifed in their driveway and a dozen or so cars were watching my mad backing skillz. Gee, thanks mister, would have been so nice to hear this when I gave you the paperwork in the first place.

Minutes later I’m at the other warehouse and on the bitch end of a verbal bitch slapping because our people at HQ don’t ever call to let these people know loads are showing up. I explain I’m just the driver, I’ve sent in an update via the satellite, WTF do you want from me, etc. Finally the guy lets it go and I’m free at last, free at last!

I’m also bushed since I had to get up very early to make it to my first drop on time. Coincidentally, the Lowes people couldn’t have cared less when I showed up from 0700 to 1600, but that is part of the life of being a driver sometimes.

There isn’t much going on for us in Omaha so I take the rest of the day off, hoping my dispatcher will get me preplanned on a nice load for Friday.