Two In One

I realized today wasn’t going to be a good driving day by 0900 or so. I was listed as being ready for a trip as of 0400 but basically, if you don’t have a preplan on you the night before then you’ll be waiting until the planners get up to speed the following morning.

Eventually the details came over the satellite: a 172-mile trip from Kansas City, Missouri to Salina, Kansas. I told my dispatcher it was kind of like french kissing one’s sister (ewww) and he helpfully pointed out that that is what makes for close families the trailer was preloaded and it was a drop and hook.

Despite my misgivings I took the trip, grabbed the trailer and headed off. It was missing the cover over the electrical junction box where the power line comes from the tractor, but nothing a couple twisty ties weren’t up to. Surprisingly versatile little buggers, those.

After I dropped, the other shoe did as well: travel to nearby Hutchinson, Kansas and pick up a (heavy) load of salt going to Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska for first thing tomorrow morning. Two piddly short runs and heavy loads to deal with. At least the trailer I picked up in Salina was in good order.