Denver, and rain

Made it up to the Denver area without much trouble this afternoon. I thought there would be more traffic on the drive this weekend, but aside from a few slow spots there really wasn’t much to write home about. I assume people are perfecting the ‘staycation’.

My first drop was in Parker, Colorado on the southeast side of Denver. I only had four pallets going there and the manager was kind enough to take them off my hands. This let me move on to my second stop in Arvada, Colorado on the northwest side of Denver to park overnight for my 0500 live unload of seven more pallets. The final 16 pallets are heading south almost 120 miles to Pueblo. Why they were loaded like this I have no clue, I just drive a truck and don’t get paid enough to drive and think.

While I was at my first stop another Hill Bros truck pulled up. Turns out the lady driver had a full load for just that store, to be unloaded in the morning. She is also preplanned to the same place in Windsor, Colorado I’m heading to, and we’re both going to Kansas City on Tuesday.

Lots and lots of rain this trip, unusual for New Mexico in particular. I got some video of a very dark set of clouds as I was coming into Denver and earlier I saw dozens of hot-air balloons lifting off from Albuquerque and letting the wind push them east.