Albuquerque, ah Albuquerque

Yesterday I departed Albuquerque on my way to Phoenix and today I departed Phoenix on my way to Albuquerque. It is about 465 miles each way, so a nice easy 8-hour day, minus the part in the hills between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

This particular PetSmart load has three stops. The first one has only four pallets, so I’m going to try to get them to offload them tomorrow afternoon so I can head to my second stop, set for Monday morning. Yeah, I know, the holiday.

Our crack administrative staff back at HQ set me up with a load picking up Monday afternoon. It is the same Windsor, Colorado to Kansas City, Missouri run I did the last time I was through here. It is a nice light load and 619 paid miles on a fairly straight path once you get through Denver so I won’t complain loudly.