Yes, I’ve been slow to update lately.

I dropped off my load last week in Council Bluffs, Iowa and was sent home with a load that I got to drop off at the AmeriCold facility in Carthage, Missouri. Since they normally take a long time to unload, this was no hassle.

Before I even left the truck I was planned to pick up the same load of Pepsi products at the same Buske facility in the Springfield, Missouri underground cave system that I got the last time I came home. I waited five or six hours last time, and about the same this time.

Even with the slow load I managed to drag it up to Omaha that night and drop it over at the Pepsi place. With no preplan on me I made use of my time restocking my truck and taking care of some cleaning.

Queue late morning and now I’m ordered to rush back over to the same Pepsi facility, grab a loaded trailer and rush rush rush it to Grand Island, Nebraska for a 1400 delivery appointment. Why this couldn’t have happened earlier is beyond the mortal ken of this driver.

I rush rush rush and make it there by about 1420 and get situated in the dock they want me in. By the top of the hour I’m empty and heading to nearby Aurora, Nebraska on a preplan to take a heavy load of dog chow down to the PetSmart folks in Phoenix for Thursday.

Now, being only three or four hours into my driving day at this point I could have closed the left door and headed south. There were heavy winds, however, and though I know I could have made it at least a few hours down the road my innate laziness once again reared its craggy head and I drove a short distance to the Bosselman’s Pilot in Grand Island.