Off to Tucumcari

Today’s journey south was less windy than yesterday, but much warmer. By the time I entered Oklahoma the outside air temp was approaching 90 degrees and my air conditioning was in full use. This presents something of a dilemma for my cat, as she doesn’t like the cold air but very much likes the warm dash when we’re headed south. Her compromise is to lounge around on the dash until the sun is obscured by clouds or by a direction change, then a quick hop down and some foraging in the back of the truck to find someplace warm to cuddle up. Poor thing.

Some days zip by and others slog; today was one of the zippy ones. I stopped twice to squeegee the windshield and still ended up with a bug-splatter mosaic. The insects were hitting so rapidly in Oklahoma and Texas it sounded like rain.

Secede, please. Go Galt while you’re at it.