Out of the Frozen North

I made my delivery appointment yesterday around noon and after a few hours a new load was assigned, picking up first in St Micheal, Minnesota then in New Ulm, Minnesota, then delivering near Kansas City, Kansas. I picked up the first half of the load last night (29,000 pounds of eggs in various forms) then the rest this morning (12,000 pounds of butter).

I made a boo-boo when we I went to fuel in Des Moines. I was kinda close to the gross weight limit for my truck and figured I would just take on 50 gallons or so. Not thinking (I mean, REALLY not thinking), I filled the tanks then the reefer tank as well. This put me several hundred pounds over gross and I was sweating it a bit until I made it to the scale just inside Missouri and it was closed. Yay for me.