Buddy, is that a F-16 behind you?

So I’m driving down the road the other day and this flatbed passes me. I casually look over and do a double take, as the wing section of a fighter jet is strapped on back. I used to be able to identify aircraft fairly well so I’m guessing it is from a F-16 but in any event it is something you don’t see every day.


Second Marmon Sighting

I happened across a rare Marmon truck about six months ago (blogged here) and a week or two ago I spied another one down in Georgia.

While I was taking pictures the driver came out and we chatted a bit. His Marmon was built in 1990 so it is one of the later ones and according to him, fewer than 200 Marmons roam the road today.

Two down, fewer than 200 to go.

Put Your Faith In Jesus

It did turn out I was heading south to the Dallas suburb of Arlington, Texas to deliver a refrigerated load of egg products to a food distributor. I was given the load to pick up a day late, and the original delivery time was impossible to make so it got rescheduled 14 hours later. It kind of sucked for me but I was there on time at least.

Jesus unloaded the trailer. I can report he was quick, efficient, and didn’t charge as much as I had feared for the service. Kind of scruffy-looking, though.

Afterwards, it was a short drive to Grand Prairie, Texas to pick up a load of GE appliances heading for Kansas City, Kansas. That load I ran today and dropped off at the Nebraska Furniture Mart complex on the west side of the city.

I’m talking the weekend off for a change so I’ll see everyone on Monday.


Running Into Someone

I slept in late this morning: 0700. I couldn’t stay in the bunk any longer, so I went over to the shipper for my next load and grabbed the paperwork and trailer then headed out.

About four hours later I was entering Joplin, Missouri, preparing to turn east on I-44. There is an onramp there for 32nd street which leads to the headquarters of Con-Way Truckload (used to be CFI) and it just so happened a Con-Way truck. It was a Con-Way Cascadia truck, the same kind my friends Paul (Croc) and Ellen (TWT) drive. It was a Con-Way truck with “Croc & TWT” decals on the door. Amazingly, just as I was passing the ramp they were departing to pick up a load.

I immediately called Croc and scolded him for waving only one finger at me as I flew by. They sped up and caught me on I-44 and took some video of my beautiful (and much better running, apparently) truck.

Today has been a day of numerous loads being offered, rejected, changed or otherwise modified. I’ve been planned to go to three different places already and I just got a call telling me the one load I thought I was on has been changed and now I’m on a different one. I think I’m headed to Dallas, but I just don’t know any more.

Back up to Missouri

I waited almost 20 hours from yesterday’s drop before I pestered my new dispatcher for something to run. Almost immediately, I was ordered to take a trailer that was sitting next to me in our Garland drop yard up to the AmeriCold folks in Russellville, Arkansas. Afterwards, they wanted me to run a load out to Georgia but I passed on that.

Instead, tomorrow’s load takes me up to the all-to-familiar AmeriCold facility in Carthage, Missouri. From there, who knows?

Quick Trip Down To Dallas

After waiting a while I was beeped with a load heading to Dallas to deliver the following afternoon. The trailer was at our yard in Kansas City, Missouri and so was I, so I grabbed it and started running south. A few hours later, I ran out of drive time for the day and pulled in at a regular stop I make at the Wal-Mart in Lamar, Missouri.

Shopping and sleeping done, I headed out this morning and knocked out the rest of the run. The destination was a warehouse just down the road from our drop yard in Garland, Texas so I holed up there overnight waiting on my next load.

Before that, however, I had to spend almost 20 minutes watching a hapless Swift driver trying to back his trailer between two other trailers in about as plain vanilla of a backing situation as you will ever find. Eventually, he gave up, disconnected and had the yard jockey handle it for him. Poor fella.

Lazy Weekend Trip

Yesterday I drove to Walton, Kentucky to pick up 18 tons of Macy’s advertisements headed to USPS processing centers in Kansas City (both in Kansas and Missouri). The folks at the printing plant were agreeable and it didn’t take long… and they actually knew how much their load weighed. Always a plus.

My goal was to drive to the western side of St Louis then park it for the night but the dreaded lazies hit at exit 95 on I-64 in Illinois at a town called Mt Vernon. Further analysis reveals that a contributing factor was the local T/A truckstop and its Popeye’s restaurant and the box of chicken strips that somehow made it on my truck. After that, it was game over!

I got up this morning without the help of an alarm and headed off again. Everything was fine until I got to the greater St Louis area when all heck broke loose. Rain was coming down in buckets and huge gusts of wind were pushing my truck around from the north. I wrestled the storm for an hour or so but when the first small truckstop presented itself, I pulled it over and told dispatch I’d be a bit late. No big deal, as I’m just dropping the trailer in our Kansas City lot for a local driver to handle in the morning.

I made it to KC with nearly empty tanks and I’m waiting for my next dispatch.