Four trailers

After I dropped off the Petsmart trailer in Ottawa, Illinois and grabbed an empty, I took my tractor over for a wash and spent the night at the conveniently-located Wal-Mart. Got some shopping done, did the snooze thing then headed out this morning to nearby Minooka, Illinois to pick up a load of Kellogg’s stuff heading to Colorado.

The unload for the trip kind of sucked, being Wednesday morning at 0200 at a freaking food warehouse but it turns out that didn’t matter as I was told to t-call the load when I got to Ottawa and was given a new load to run.

I started with one trailer in the morning, then swapped in Minooka, swapped again in Omaha, went across the river to Council Bluffs, Iowa and swapped again, ending with the fourth trailer on my truck that day. Yetch.

At least the load was only 32,000 pounds so pulling it over the hills in Arkansas won’t be a problem.