Alma, Arkansas: Spinach Capitol of the World

According to the sign I saw along the freeway, the small town I stopped at tonight is, indeed, the Spinach Capitol of the World. Since I frequently enjoy salads featuring spinach I thought it appropriate.

The remainder of the trip down from Omaha was uneventful, at least the driving part. My dispatcher was angst-ridden when I turned down a lovely 210-mile run back up to Kansas City and didn’t buy the explanation: my religion proscribes dumbass loads on my 40th birthday. Since tomorrow is that glorious date, I made the best of my beliefs and turned it down. Soon after popped out a new trip starting at about the same place and heading to McDonough, Georgia which is just south of Atlanta. Not a real charmer, either, but the timing is much better than the original trip.

My Garmin 660 GPS unit has been acting odd for the past few weeks and today, despite my best efforts, doesn’t seem to want to find any of those wonderful satellites in the sky. I know the route between Omaha and Russellville backwards and forwards but it was amazing how… naked I felt driving without my GPS. Unable to see at a glance what my ETA was. Unable to push a button and find out my distance. Unable to zoom in a bit and find the next rest area. I know there are truck drivers out there who don’t think much of GPS units but frankly, you’re wrong in the head people.

A quick virtual trip to Amazon turned up a slightly larger Garmin model, the 5000. I bought my 660 a few years ago for roughly $700 and this newer, larger model for under $500. Progress, my friends.

Until I get through the house to collect my packages and mail I’ll have to get along with Google maps on my laptop or my new iPhone. Yeah, picked one of those up last week, too.