One Long Road

After I got back on I-80 from Schuyler, Nebraska I’ve been on I-80 ever since. I kind of like it when my GPS says something like “Turn right on I-80 then continue 514 miles.” Comforting to know there aren’t many turns to miss.

Wyoming and Utah are very hilly so the MPG isn’t up to where I want it to be, but the truck is running fine. My APU is running fine as well, which is a good thing as it is over 100 degrees here in Salt Lake City, Utah this afternoon. Last night in Cheyenne, Wyoming was very nice with temps dipping down to the 50’s so I didn’t have to idle at all. Our fuel solution had me filling in Omaha, picking up the load, topping off again in North Platte, Nebraska in order to make it out near Reno, Nevada where I will fill just before I head into the Golden state. I debated doing it that way but instead I passed up the extra stop and am trying to get to Reno on one tank of fuel. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, then I will probably be stuck in Nevada somewhere cursing my sense of thrift; fair warning.

I’m not having to run hard because I left Omaha with only about 26 hours in my logbook until Tuesday morning. Basically, three 500ish mile days will get me close and the rest I will finish Tuesday for my 0400 appointment. Since this is west coast time, its really 0600 on my body’s clock so that works very well.