Off to Cali

This morning’s drop went off without a hitch, which was kind of surprising considering I got my trailer unloaded very quickly on a Saturday at 0600.

Afterwards I moved off to the west for a half hour or so and pulled in to the T/A at Tonopah, Arizona to get a PM done for my tractor. A PM in the trucking world is like a super oil change for regular cars and includes things like changing a lot of filters, greasing various chassis points, checking coolant levels, etc. I also had them replace one of my gladhands that had got bent at one point and was causing a random air leak on some trailers.

I drove another ninety minutes or so towards California then stopped and got a shower at the Flying J right at the CA-AZ border. Surprisingly, they don’t have a TripPak box there so I had to hang on to it a bit longer.

Ending up around Palm Springs, I’m taking the rest of the weekend off to visit family and friends and catch up on my rest. Come Monday I will be heading off first to North Hollywood then loading up for a 2,000 mile trip through the Rockies to Ottawa, Illinois.