Just Another Day on the Road

Today was a mostly ordinary day, though I did spend a decent amount of time swapping trailers here and there. I rolled in to Lenexa, Kansas first thing this morning and dropped off my load of Nabisco products. Eventually, I was sent over to the Sam’s Club DC (Distribution Center) in Kansas City, Missouri to grab a load and bring it up to the Sam’s store in Lincoln, Nebraska. There I docked my full trailer and pulled an empty van and brought it up to Kelloggs in Omaha where I got my cardio in sweeping out the trailer. It wasn’t dirty at all but the Kelloggs people are anal about the way they load trailers.

Finally, I headed over to the yard to have a mano-a-mano with the dispatcher on my next trip. I’ve been planning something for a while now and it is kinda going to work and kinda not. I’ll update everyone in a few days on how it turns out.