Figures don’t lie, but liars sure figure

Yesterday I decided that this run will be the first one I make at top speed, with a full load. Ordinarily, I cruise down the interstates at a sedate 60-62 MPH and watch the world pass me by. This trip I will put the hammer down and see what that does to my fuel economy.

Surprisingly, unless my fuel readout is completely bonkers, the difference between 60 MPH and 70 MPH in my truck with a full load is small. I traveled 665 miles to Terrell, Texas this morning and afternoon, ending with a 7.4 MPG average for the run. Either my instrumentation is way off the mark or I have one heckuva sweet engine and transmission combination.

I’m about an hour out of my consignee so I have the alarm set at 0300. My appointment is 0500 tomorrow morning and I’m actually getting low on hours for the next few days. I will have about 12 hours total to run after I get unloaded and don’t get any significant amount back until Tuesday at midnight where I pick up 7.5.

UPDATE: I aimed for the T/A in Terrell, Texas because it was about as far as I could legally drive today and it has IdleAir, which I’m hooked up to as I’m typing this.