Overnight Sensation

After attending the safety meeting I fueled up my truck and began the drive to Littleton, Colorado, a Denver suburb. I thought the safety meeting was going to start at 0900 but it was at 1300 instead so I didn’t arrive in the Denver area until just before midnight. Finding the PetSmart wasn’t difficult and I backed into their dock to catch some shuteye.

Four hours later, the knock came at my door and I gave the worker the paperwork and moved my truck to open the doors. It turns out that about 90% of my load was going to this one store with just a handful of pallets going to the other side of Littleton to a different store. After getting emptied I slept until late morning until my masters beeped me with a nice long weekend run that will keep me busy.

First, I was ordered to deadhead about 400 miles back the way I came yesterday to Grand Island, Nebraska to pick up a load heading to Tyler, Texas. Its always nice having a long deadhead with no load aboard, for the fuel economy if nothing else. It will be a heavy load, though, and tomorrow I will have to run my truck faster than normal down the highway in order to make an 0500 delivery time Monday morning.

This will be trip #12 in my new truck for those of you keeping score at home.