The Sixth Cents

So I’m puttering down the road this morning towards Omaha and my satellite unit beeps. Apparently, fuel will be six cents cheaper at our yard after midnight tonight which works well for me since I will be there until late morning for our safety meeting.

My MPG today wasn’t so hot due to driving through high winds from the west. Around Des Moines the winds and rains lashed out very hard and I pulled off at a truckstop. Figuring to make productive use of my time, I went inside and took a shower.

My extra “chicken lights” on the side of my truck stopped working this morning and it turns out the fuse that watches over them blew when I hooked up to the trailer at the PetSmart DC in Ottawa. The mechanics here tell me it can happen any time you have your truck lights on when you hook up to a trailer, which I’d never heard of. Apparently there is a mini recall for this problem so the next time my truck is over at the dealership I’ll have them fix it.

Speaking of fixes, I took my truck over to ThermoKing down the street to have them fix my APU. It turns out that after just 128 hours of use, my generator blew its little head gasket all over the place and it will have to be replaced. Naturally, they don’t have any in stock so I will have to wait a while longer.

Tomorrow it is off to Littleton, Colorado in preparation for two very early morning deliveries then perhaps back to Omaha if the part for my APU comes in.