I’ll take trailer babysitting for $300, Alex

The Powers That Be decided that $300 would be fair recompense for the time and effort I spent the past two days dealing with that trailer. I wasn’t insulted or overjoyed with the amount, so I suppose it is in the fair range for both parties. Still a heckuva lot better than a kick in the shorts.

Today’s driving was between West Memphis, Arkansas and Rochelle, Illinois. Most of it was in the state of Illinois and I managed 8.0 MPG even with a 37,000 pound load. Before I arrived at my consignee my next preplan was ready: deadhead over to Ottawa, Illinois then take a Petsmart load with two drops in Littleton, Colorado for 0300 and 0500 Saturday morning. Yummy.

This will let me take care of a few things as I travel back west. On Friday, I can attend a safety meeting so I will get a bonus for the miles I run this quarter. Also, I can get the ThermoKing folks to resuscitate my APU so I won’t have to idle as much. The Idleaire service I used last night was functional and if I didn’t have an APU I would definitely look to using it frequently, as Hill Brothers covers the charges.