“The Juice is Loose!”

That was the text I sent in to HQ via the satellite when the trailer was finally unloaded. I swear, in the past 24 hours I talked with people from every department wanting to know this-or-that, or instructing me to do such-and-such (or not do something). Go here, call this person, remember to do this…

The people at the reefer repair place did a good job cleaning up the front of the trailer with some sort of acid wash then a power sprayer. Some of the more charred sections didn’t change much, but the reefer unit itself looked fairly untraumatized. The lights were still acting a bit funny, and some of the markers didn’t work but because I didn’t need them in the daytime we pushed off sending the trailer to yet another shop until this afternoon, after the load was dropped.

I was a bit nervous when I pulled up to the security gate to enter the facility, as loaded trailers have their seals checked. The guard lady was brisk and waved me on after checking the numbers against the Bill of Lading. The parking lot was broiling, so I had to spend several hours with the engine on to stay cool while they unloaded. Eventually, they were done without incident and the Juice was loose, baby!

The trailer got dropped at a nearby repair yard and I made a list of the things that needed some work for them, then ran back to the other side of Russellville to grab a loaded trailer and head out on an indirect path towards Rochelle, Illinois. I say indirect, because one way is to basically drive due north along Arkansas route 7 to Springfield, Missouri which is a horrendous road for a SUV, much less a semi. The other way is to take I-40 east towards Memphis, then turn north along I-55.

The flame-broiled load was #9 for my new truck. Load #8 was my go-home load from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Carthage, Missouri last week. My new load to Rochelle is #10. MPG continues to show over 7.0 on my trip computer and aside from my APU, everything seems to be running properly.

Oh, speaking of the APU… since it is 90 degrees in West Memphis tonight I’ve gone and used IdleAire for the first time. For the uninitiated, it is a system of air conditioning, power outlets, internet, tv, etc. that plugs into a window adapter in your truck. Hill Bros apparently reimburses drivers for the service, though I expect as a lease-purchase driver I will get socked with the bill. Still, it is cheaper than idling and I can take the hit for a few days until I get back to Omaha.