Trucking giveth, trucking taketh away…

With a 0300 wakeup call I learned that the Conway load had canceled and I was instead being assigned a blown team load heading in to Chicago. A local driver brought it in from Omaha to Des Moines and I drove it in to Windy, as truckers call Chicago.

It turns out this was a UPS load and their facility is gigantic. To wit:

Just entering the facility involved some phone calls, a bright reflective vest and other goodness. The guard doing the cavity check was surprisingly gentle, though.

Afterward, I was directed a few miles away to a dropyard and had my choice between a dry van trailer with some air hose problems or an unwashed reefer unit with the remnants of a load of broccoli strewn about inside. Broccoli was the winner and I was directed to a washout facility in Ottawa to deal with the issue.