Slow road to Denver

Saturday morning I picked up a load of Pop-Tarts in Minooka, Illinois for a Monday night delivery at a food warehouse in Denver, Colorado. Looks were a bit deceiving in this case: a 900 mile run isn’t bad for two days, but since I picked up Saturday morning and couldn’t deliver until Monday night it stretched to three days, which is poor.

I dropped by our HQ in Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday to refuel then ended the day at the Pilot in Grand Island, Nebraska. I’ve been putting off getting a haircut for more than a month and since there was a lady on duty I got that taken care of. I got it cut so short it is the next thing to bald. On the plus side, my scalp hasn’t developed any bald spots on its own yet.

After I dropped in Denver I was assigned a load from the Fort Collins Budweiser plant back to Grand Island, Nebraska. Unfortunately the trailer developed a problem so after I arrived I had to turn back around and return to Denver to a trailer place to have it fixed, which is where I am right now.