“Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee”

That is their phrase they use a lot in advertising. I personally didn’t care for the guard dweeb at the Sara Lee guard shack this afternoon who wouldn’t let me drop off my loaded trailer there because the extra-large fuel tank wasn’t 3/4ths full. Many reefers have 50-gallon tanks, but most of the ones I’ve seen at Hill Bros are 75 gallons so what is 3/4ths on a 50 is about half of one of our larger ones. But nooooo, couldn’t argue with The Man.

“See you in a few minutes,” he said, meaning after I left the property and fueled. Obviously he hasn’t driven a semi before, as it was close to 45 minutes before I was able to fight my way to the fuel island, fuel and return to drop off the trailer.

Other than that the rest of the day was peaceful, if long. I put 630 miles on the books with a lot of that in slow-ass Illinois, using almost all of my 11 driving hours. I was asked to grab an empty from where I delivered this afternoon and run it down to Petsmart in Ottawa, Illinois then bobtail back and grab another tomorrow morning before I take a fully loaded trailer from them out to South Dakota. Miles and miles.