Buckets and Buckets

Of rain, that is.

I started this morning near Springfield, Missouri heading back west to Carthage, Missouri where a pre-loaded trailer awaited me. I called in to dispatch on Saturday to learn what my plans were and I was told I could start running this pre-planned load to Georgia on Sunday or wait for something else on Monday. Since I wanted to come back Sunday anyway, I took it.

The trip itself is the same that I ran the last time I went home. Since rain was coming down in the Missouri / Arkansas area by the bucketful I decided to take a slightly longer route with better roads. At times the rain and mist was so dense it brought Interstate 40 to a halt.

Eventually I made it through to one of the truck stops in West Memphis, Arkansas leaving a little under 500 miles to run out tomorrow, for a Tuesday morning delivery.

I got my fingerprints taken on Friday for my Hazmat endorsement. My right thumb print has been on file for a long time since California requires it for your drivers license, but it felt odd having all my fingers done. At least they don’t use ink any more — a nifty little scanner thing handles the details.